Kansil Printers provides a one-stop facility where the complete range of print services is offered under one roof. Our customer service team strives to understand your print requirements and translate them into the best possible printed products, thus creating value to the customers. Experienced sales and customer service executives are within your reach always to help you arrive at and optimize the specifications and cost.

Book Printing
“Don’t Judge a Book by Its Cover” is how the saying goes. But it’s the opposite in real world."

A good book should entice the reader in reading it by looking at its cover and its paper and printing, the content comes later when the book is actually read. We are not saying that content is not important, in fact it’s of paramount importance, but promoting it through good quality printing is the first step in the success of any book.

We help book publishers entice the users into reading the book they publish by providing high quality book printing services at unmatched quality and costs. Using machines that produce ultra high quality print, we are able to offer book printing in multi-colour, black and white or any other variation. To top it up we provide excellent binding services of any type including soft-back, hard-case, perfect binding as required by the clients. We offer both Short run and Long Run book printing services.

Brochure Printing

A Brochure is a considered a powerful sales tool so it should be good looking, informative and help in closing the sale.

Brochure printing and designing requires a fine balance between the requirements of the sales personnel, the customer and the management of the company. A good brochure should have:

  • Information in a precise and understandable manner for the customer.
  • Should help the sales personnel in closing the sale/
  • Should convey the required image of the company to its customers.

We at Kansil Printers understand the requirements of the company and help them in designing and printing brochures which satisfy the requirements of all concerned people.

Calendar Printing

There are various types of calendars like wall calendars, table top calendars, pocket calendars etc. Calendars are a very good way of brand building and promotion for any company. It has long stay value i.e. the calendar is generally looked at on daily basis by many people, thus lending a good number of views of your brand.

We provide one of the best quality services for calendar printing at prices which are hard to beat. We do not compromise on quality at any stage of printing process and the calendars we design are sure to grab attention of your prospective customers.

Magazine Printing

Magazine Printing is an area which requires utmost dedication to quality to provide better value for money to both its readers and advertisers. A well printed magazine also tends to increase its subscribers base over time.

The other consideration for a Magazine Publisher is its printing costs. Printing is one of the major cost components of any magazine publisher and control over this cost can make a huge difference to the profitability of any magazine.

We at Kansil Printers understand the requirements of magazine publishers and endeavor to provide the best quality printing services at the cheapest price possible. Our quality systems ensure that the magazine has the quality which is acceptable to both the subscribers as well as advertisers. We also help publishers save costs on print wherever possible.

Poster Printing

Posters are one of the most effective tools for advertising, announcement of events and promotions and yet other for marketing and brand promotions. Posters may seem like an old age marketing tool in this age of digitization but one must not underestimate its powers. Even today, poster is an effective and cheap marketing tool which grabs the user’s attention. A well designed and eye catching poster can still create a ruffle for your company’s products and brands.

Traditionally, good quality poster printing has been out of reach of small and medium enterprises but the times have changed. Now, even a small business can design and distribute high quality posters. To determine the quality of posters the main consideration is paper cost and the quality of paper will be determined with the quantity required and the budget. After the paper quality is established then the posters are designed in accordance with the paper and printing quality.

Our range of print collateral includes:
  • Corporate Brochures
  • Catalogues
  • Magazines
  • Art & Coffee Table Books
  • Annual Reports
  • Calendars (Tabletop & Wall)
  • Presentation & Visual Aids
  • Presentation Folders
  • Posters
  • Journals / Newsletters
  • Leaflets / Flyers
  • Corporate Stationary
  • Invitation / Greeting Cards
  • Carry Bags
  • Labels
Book Printing
Book Printing
Brochure Printing
Brochure Printing
Calender Printing
Calender Printing
Magazine Printing
Magazine Printing
Poster Printing
Poster Printing

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