About Us

Established in 1980, Kansil Printers is a one-stop unmatched print service provider equipped with high-tech machinery, highly trained, skilled and quality conscious professionals and a dedicated staff to provide end-to-end solutions from typesetting and comprehensive design, prepress, printing, binding and finishing.

Led by its founder Mr. Pramod Kansil, Kansil Printers can rightfully claim to be a professionally managed state-of-the-art printing company with a proven name, trust and track record in the printing industry. It is committed to sustain and thrive on its value proposition carved out from a combination of vast experience and advanced technology to streamline processes, trim costs and accelerate efficiency. Kansil Printers always strives to provide its customers an international quality at the most competitive and economic price. It stands for long-term relationship with its customers and that too for good.

A Brief of our History
History Machines

The beginnings of most successes are usually quite humble. This is how our highly successful organization, first set its wheels in motion. Although initiated at a very small degree, we placed complete focus on high-quality, low-cost and fast-paced printing. We attribute this to be the primary reasons behind our accomplishments.

Our business as the Kansil Printers was first established in 1980. The key individual involved with the launch is Mr. Pramod Kansil. Within a short period, our quality-focused work began to gain recognition.

Our Business Principles

Kansil Printers is proud of the integrity and reputation that it has steadily earned through the last 30 years. We have underlined clear business principles and ensure that our in-house team, partners, vendors and of course, our clients, are aware of them and work towards abiding by them.

Environment Policy

Kansil Printers, in the business of Printing, is fully committed to Safety at workplace and the Protection of Environment & Health of its employees. During our work process, we continually strive to ensure minimization of unconstructive environmental impacts for ensuring sustainability in the print production process and systems. Kansil Printers uses the latest and most contemporary technologies in the market to ensure proper collection and disposal of solid, liquid, papers and fumes from all processes so as to render them safe for environment.

Quality Policy

At Kansil Printers, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction by providing quality at par with international standards. Keeping quality consciousness to the fore, we motivate our workforce, through various teams at all levels and through regular training program and exhort our suppliers continuously to match their quality to international standards. We encourage our technicians to visit various national and international machinery fairs, conferences and seminars to update their knowledge and skill sets.


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